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Our Values

The Clinic first opened 1985. At that time we were the only clinic on the Western side of Campbelltown, NSW.

 The clinic has always been and always will be a home clinic. We do NOT like the idea of lock up Veterinary Clinics where no one is available overnight to care for inpatients.

Despite increasing costs we have endeavoured to keep our fees at a reasonable level which has been difficult due to increasing bureaucratic interference and increased competition from lock up veterinary clinics nearby.

Over servicing is one of our pet hates. Disparaging comments and exhibition of newspaper articles we think is unethical and not to be condoned. We are here to help YOU decide on optimal treatment within your budgetary constraints NOT to force you into something you cannot afford. One has to appreciate the less than ideal nature sometimes of this approach BUT we all do not have limitless funds.

We care for : Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rats/Mice, Cavies, & Rabbits.

No large animal work is undertaken.

No bird work or reptile work is undertaken.

After hours Emergencies are handled by me or where we are unavailable by Strathfield Emergency Centre.

We have been a member of the Australian Veterinary Association for over 25 years. An investment in our future.